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Dental Care

Routine, consistent dental care can prevent diseases and help pets live longer. We can assess your pet's mouth and advise ways to provide care. Ultimately, with good dental care, we can prevent painful teeth and infections.

Services we offer include:

Oral Exams

Oral Care Products

Oral Care Food

Dental Scaling (Cleaning) and Polishing

Dental Radiographs

Oral Surgery

Tooth Extraction

Ear Care

Routine ear cleaning can help prevent ear infections and keep your pet more comfortable.  Our doctors will look in your pet's ears during every physical exam.  Your veterinarian and technicians can help you keep your pet's ears in tip top shape.

Services we offer include:

Ear Exams

Ear Cleaning

Ear Cytologies

Ear Cleaners and Medications

Deep Ear Flushing

Lateral Resections

By using our veterinary videoscope, we can have a good look in your pets ears. When chronic ear infections are present, your pet may be a good candidate for a deep ear flush. Ear flushes can help with managing the ear infection and decrease the frequency of infections. Our doctors can advise you on whether your pet is a candidate for a deep ear flushing.


In Florida, it is very common to see skin problems with pets. We have many tried and true solutions to solving those problems and creating solutions that can make your pet less itchy and more comfortable.

Services we offer include:

Dermatology Exams

Skin Cytologies

Mite Identification

Allergy Testing

Allergy Diets

Flea Control


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