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Treatment Suggestions for Storm Phobias in Dogs

1. Thunder Shirt. This shirt provides constant pressure which can be very calming. www.thundershirt.com

2. Storm Defender Cape. This cape discharges static electricity that builds up in the pet’s fur. www.stormdefender.com

3. Use classical conditioning. Give treats (Liverwurst, hotdogs, or cheese). Don’t worry about “rewarding the anxiety” – remember that one of the goals is to change the behavior during storms.

4. Desensitization and Counterconditioning. Find sound recordings of a storm. Play loud to make sure pet reacts, they must perceive it is real. Best done off season. Then play it at a low volume so that the dog can hear it, but doesn’t react. Slowly increase the volume. Do this at a minimum of five minutes several times a day, three to five times a week.

5. Medications; There are many medications that can be used to. One of our doctors can help determine which drug or combination of drugs would be best for your pet. Drugs can be used to;

    a. Decrease anxiety

    b. Treat panic

    c. Relax the patient

6. Seek professional help. Dr. Terry Curtis is a Veterinarian who is Board Certified in Animal Behavior. She is at the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine and can be reached at (352) 294-4397.

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