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Storm season is quickly approaching and we are here to help you and your pet get through the season stress free!

Is your dog stressed out? Afraid of thunderstorms?

Thunderstorm phobias are a common occurrence in dogs and can result in a significant amount of stress for both the pet and the owner. The phobias can be related to noise associated with the storm, change in the pressure outside, wind blowing objects around or the rain itself. Signs of storm phobias can range from mild (hiding in “safe” places) to severe (destructive behaviors).

We recommend using behavior modification along with natural products to help your pet through this stressful time. With ALL NATURAL products that are safe on all dogs we can get away from the older treatments that involve sedating our pets until the storm is over. With sedation our pets are still scared, stressed, and aware of the storm but we have taken away their ability to move for the time being.

Adaptil is an ALL NATURAL Dog Appeasing Pheromone (DAP) that is the same pheromone that is released from a mother dog to her newborn puppies. The DAP pheromone is only detected by dogs and is odorless to people. There are several ways to disperse the pheromone such as a collar your pet wears, a diffuser and a spray. All the DAP products are 100% guaranteed by the manufacturer.

Please call or stop by the clinic for more information!!

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